Ok, so here's the deal. We love you, you love us (or you will, whether you like it or not {cue ominous music}), love is love, and love is all you need. Now that we've discussed basic needs, let's discuss our brand spanking new payment program. We call it "Please Feel Free To Give Us Additional Funds So We Can Continue To Try To Achieve Our Mission." Now, you might be saying to yourself, "that's quite a mouthful" and, well, you'd be correct, but our other ideas were, how can we put this nicely, totally less awesome. Our base/Hero price remains $200 for the entire weekend, but we've added some additional payment options for those who feel compelled to engage in extraordinary contributory practices. Additional contributions accrue only intangible and intrinsic benefits, but, you know, those can be pretty excellent. If you wish to pay via some other payment method we will be happy to work with you, just e-mail farmbutchertable@gmail.com and let us know which payment method is going to work best for you!

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