Frequently Asked Questions

What does my $250 donation/registration get me?

  • The price of admission covers your breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your stay at the farm. The Farm Butcher Table crew goes above and beyond to prepare delicious and exciting dishes for this event. You'll have tree lined groves for camping and amenities like a pool, music, and no trip to the country would be complete without a hayride. There will be kegs of quality beer, wine paired with each meal and a communal bar.

When should we arrive/depart the Pig Roast?

  • Arriving: We would recommend arriving on Friday afternoon if at all possible in order to maximize your time consuming pork and booze. We realize that if you come on Friday you might be getting there late so we'll plan on having late night munchies available, If you can’t get there on Friday by all means get there on Saturday for the main events.

  • Depart: Plan on departing Monday morning (Labor Day) – We ask that you leave your campsite as clean as you found it as well as pitch in to clean up the farm before we leave. Many hands make light work.

How do I get to the Roast?

  • Getting to Iowa is not as hard as you think! The event address is The Laursen Farm – 2488 Needham Ave. Sac City, Iowa 50583.

    • Driving

      • From Chicago – approximately 7 hours (can go faster depending on traffic) o

      • From Minneapolis – approximately 4.5 hours

      • From Sioux City, IA Airport (SUX) – approximately 1.5 hour

      • From Des Moines, IA Airport (DSM) – approximately 2.5 hours

      • From Omaha, NE Airport (OMA)– approximately 2.5 hours

    • Flying – For those of you who are making the trek from far away...we love you...please email us if you would like help coordinating rental cars. Rental cars can be rented for as little as 25 dollars a day.

    • Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need help with transportation...nobody will be left behind.

Do people carpool?

  • If you are interested in giving or hitching a ride to the Roast, let us know and we will try to put you in touch with other like minded attendees.

If I fly, can I ship my things to Iowa?

  • Of course. You will be able to ship tents, other items to Iowa in advance if that makes your travel plans a little easier. FBT will send your belongs back as long as you pack them up nicely and cover the UPS ground shipping costs.

What about basic hygiene needs?

  • While you will be camping on a farm you will still be able to shower and have full access to restrooms. Outdoor heated showers and port-a-potties will be available all weekend.

Are there meat free options?

  • For those with specific dietary restrictions, feel free to contact us and we'll work with you to make sure you are fed properly. Any items you need to bring yourself, will have space in our refrigerated storage.

What if I miss a meal? 

  • We sure hope you don't! But if you do, head to the cooking barn and ask one of the crew if there's anything available.

How many people usually attend the roast?

  • The number varies from year to year but it's always quite a turnout. This year, the farm will see give or take close to 100 hungry happy campers.

Will there be wifi?

  • While we encourage everyone at the roast to do their best to unplug for the weekend, there are areas near the big farm house that can pick up a wifi signal.

Are children allowed at the roast?

  • Kids are welcomed at the annual pig roast. While not every activity is recommended for children, there will be a separate camping area for attendees with children.

What do I need to bring?

  • Outside of basic camping supplies...not a lot. Below are a few basic recommendations:

    • Sunscreen

    • Yoga Matt

    • Bug Spray (we will be spraying the farm leading up to the roast to reduce bugs but always good to have extra)

    • else can you lounge in the pool!?

    • Special Food Needs – please review the menu when it comes out and plan accordingly.

    • Special Booze Needs – If you can’t live without Jagermeister...please bring your own.

    • While it rarely rains make sure you pack appropriately.

    • And of course bring your appetite!